Understanding transits in astrology

If our experience of the transit has been a crisis, then we feel marked release at this point. This is likely because a planet going direct after a period of retrogradation is symbolic, in general, of resolve. When transiting Mars nears the sign of your natal Mars, your personal energy increases. Energy wanes as Mars moves away from the sign of your natal Mars and is at its lowest when it transits the opposing sign.

For example, if your Mars is in Sagittarius, as transiting Mars moves from Gemini through to Sagittarius, your personal energy increases until it reaches a peak at Sagittarius. When Mars transits the signs following Sagittarius, personal energy decreases until it reaches a low when Mars is in Gemini. When the New Moon contacts a natal planet or point: This suggests a renewed focus in that area of life for a period of approximately one month.

What Are Transits In Astrology? – Lesson 18

Find out more about this book. In Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady, an illuminating chapter dedicated to transits offers students of astrology tools to help personalize the meanings of transits in individual lives. The author suggests drawing a grid that helps organize the basic data involved with the transit. This book is heavy reading, but powerful and insightful. Excellent work. Deals with natal positions, synastry, and transits in relation to karma and spiritual growth.

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The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. For example, transits of fast-moving planets often tell of opportunities, health, moods and states of mind that pass fairly quickly. The slower transits describe cycles of development that take much longer, learning phases, crises, as well as periods of stability and happiness. What do you mean by "Transit selected for today"? On most days, more than one planet is passing over, or transiting, the planetary positions in your birth chart.

How to Understand a DAILY ASTROLOGY Transit Chart against YOUR Natal Chart?

Astrodienst chooses the most important transit on a particular day for you to read about. Some long-term influences can last for months. They can be the most important things happening to you on an astrological level, but in order to avoid repeating the same interpretation every day for months on end, we give you the description of the other influences as well. If you move further down the Daily Horoscope page, you will find links to "Other transits occurring today" and "Important long-term influences".

Why is the list of selected transits not complete for each day? The short-term influences are complete for every day. If a transit has not made it into the "long-term" list, it will only appear on the day the transit is exact. This list is a selection of seven to eight long-term themes, but of course there may be more.

The computer picks the most relevant ones, and at the same time creates some variation. The Daily Horoscope pages are single page extract from a one-year calendar. In the printed version, you can 'scroll' back and forth and read all the aspects, even if they are not exact on the day.


Transits - Planets on the Move

If you order the " Personal Horoscope Calendar " or " Transits of the Year ", you can see all the information for a whole year in one complete overview. Or, for a similar purpose, you can subscribe to the " Extended Daily Horoscope ". It contains all important transits over a four year period.

If you use it with a book like Robert Hand's "Planets in Transit", you can get all the information you want.

Why are "transits selected for today" so often transits by the Moon? The Moon is the fastest moving planetary body used for the transits. Therefore it makes the most aspects to your natal planets. Other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc move more slowly and therefore, it takes longer for them to get to a position where they aspect a natal planet.

The slower the planet, the longer the influence.

How do you determine which transit is selected for each day? We are tipping the scales in the Personal Daily Horoscope, to weigh and select what is most likely relevant. But we cannot simply look for 'the most relevant' transit each day. This would result in the appearance of the same transit reading for a long time, which most people would find boring and silly. Therefore, for each daily horoscope requested on our website, we always compute transits for the whole year for this chart, find the optimal distribution for day-slots and then display the particular day-slot of the requested day.

Because we always compute transits for the complete calendar year, a discontinuity in the list of selected transits can occur when the year changes, between 31 December and 1 January. Lunar transits, i.