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Chinese Calendar Chinese Farmer's Almanac Tung Shing or Tung Shu provides you with daily lucky occasions, auspicious time, holidays, solar terms and lunar dates. January February March April May June July August September October November December Auspicious Days Western Date. Chinese Palmistry Get to know your personalities, fortune and future by analyzing palm lines, fingers, fingernail of your hands.

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Chinese Zodiac: 12 Zodiac Animal Signs with Calculator, Years Chart

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How are the Chinese New Year animals decided and what’s the story of the Chinese Zodiac?

As much as we adore tropical astrology the system that's typically followed in the West , Chinese astrology can tell you just as much , if not more, about yourself. This astrological system is based on the lunar calendar, so its signs are determined by the year, as opposed to the months.

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The moon repeats its cycle every 12 years, so there are 12 signs just like in tropical astrology. You might be familiar with some of them — the Dragon, the Monkey, the Dog — but, in celebration of the year of the Pig , which begins next week , we thought we'd take a closer look at the signs that make up the Chinese Zodiac. It can happen as early as mid-January or as late as the end of February.

And yes, this will affect which sign you identify with. For example, if you were born in , your sign would be the Rooster — unless you were born before January 22, the lunar new year that year. In that case, you'd be a Monkey, as most babies are, since the lunar year technically hadn't changed yet. Not sure where you land? Here's a handy Chinese Zodiac sign calculator.

With that in mind, we've rounded up the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, their defining characteristics, and the past years they've each ruled. Try googling the east meets west astrology and see how one influences the other! Thank you for your feedback!

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We have updated the article to make it clear that the rotating list of 12 animal names of the Chinese zodiac is part of a larger year rotating name system used by the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. You got my sign and year wrong. I double checked this.

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And she is on FB. The Chinese lunisolar calendar begins later than the Gregorian calendar.

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  8. So, in any one year, Gregorian time, there will be two possible Chinese zodiac signs, depending on when one was born. In , the Chinese New Year began on February 14 according to the Gregorian calendar ; for that Chinese calendar year, the sign was the Snake. However, those born before February 14 in would still be in the previous Chinese year, which was the Dragon. Double Cat sign. Not only am I a tiger by virtue of the Chinese zodiac, but I'm also a Leo according to the western Zodiac. No wonder I get along so well with kitty cats!

    Im year of the rooster Im happy because IM not a year of a dog and pig because the year of the dog and pig are a bad luck the dragon. Nice summary of the Chinese Zodiac, but I think you need to take into account the time of birth, isn't it? Just as in western astrology, with Chinese astrology, people can fine-tune it as much as they would like, depending on their goal. For general interest, many people just take into account the year they were born, and the animal sign associated with it the terrestial branch ; in this case, the chart we provide is fine see note at top of page about the Chinese lunisolar calendar vs.

    As you say, it can become complex. Here's a twist!!! If you read each description you will find a part of me!! Quite interesting reading and those who know me well reap the benefits!! I have never quite trusted these western calendar dates.

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    I was born during the first few days of January, - but I have always wondered if that did not actually put me at the end of the year of the Horse. You are correct you are a wood horse were born between February 3, and January 23, in the Chinese Zodiac sign. Unlike Western astrology the Chinese Zodiac does not follow the Gregorian calender rather the lunar calender which starts at varying dates in the first few weeks of each year.

    So anyone born within the first several weeks of a year should do a search to find when the exact date of that year started. I am a pig in the Chinese Zodiac. I was born January 13th, My opposite is the snake, and I am compatible with the rabbit and the sheep. In the American Zodiac I am a goat or ram. How can you be the goat or ram? Goat is Capricorn and Ram is Aries. You can only be one or the other.